Deregister or Sell Your Company

Sell your Australian company to save the costs to deregister

Have you registered a new company with the intention of launching a new business, only to have plans change and the company sit unused for a number of years. Rather than go through the hassle and cost to deregister your company with ASIC, why not allow us to run our full compliance checks and then sell the company via our private shelf company list. 

ASIC will only deregister a company if it meets all of the following requirements:

All members of the company agree to deregister

The company is not carrying on business

The company’s assets are worth less than $1000

The company has no outstanding liabilities

The company is not party to any legal proceedings

The company has paid all fees and penalties payable under the Corporations Act 2001

See the Australian Securities and Investments Commission website for more information: 

If your registered company meets our requirements, which are similar to those outlined above, we will make you an offer to purchase, takeover and sell your company, or for vintage companies, or special purpose companies, we can make your company available to our client base for expressions of interest.

Talk to us privately and confidentially for further information regarding the sale of your existing Australian company.  Email as a first step.