Australian Director

Australian Nominee Resident Director Services

Australian resident nominee company director services are designed to provide a 'nominee' or non-executive Australian director for compliance with ASIC  director residency specifications.  Our resident directors abide by all Australian Securities & Investments Commission rules and regulations. 

For your existing overseas business wishing to expand into Australia, our resident director & public officer service may be the most affordable solution if you do not have your own personnel residing in Australia.  

A Nominee Australia resident director will not manage the business of the company, as this will be done by you, or the overseas board of directors.

Australian Resident Director

Company Director Nominee Service

  • Employees
  • Public place of business
  • Vehicles or machinery of any kind
  • Loans or debts of any kind
  • Turnover exceeding AUD2,000,000 pa
  • Special licences 
  • Australian director (nominee) services agreement
  • Declaration of business activities or business plan
  • Overseas directors in addition to our resident director
  • Director indemnity insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • A correctly engaged tax agent
  • Correctly maintained books and statutory registers 

Fees are indicative only. Our Australian Resident Director and Public Officer services are provided after consultation and the fee will be calculated according to your business plans & the services provided by your Australian company.

Australian Resident Public Officer

Public Officer for Australian or Overseas Company

In addition to our Australian Director services, we also offer Australian Resident Public Officer services to enable local or foreign registered businesses to comply with Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and Australian Business Register (ABR) regulations.

A Nominee Public Officer is often provided to overseas registered companies as part of an application for registration of an Australian Branch, or simply for an overseas company to register for GST.

Small private companies usually appoint the Resident Director as Public Officer also. Our services may be separated or bundled together, depending on your Australian or overseas business structure and requirements.

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Australian Resident Director Information

For any additional information on our nominee Australian resident director & Public Officer services, or if you have questions relating to your business plans, or to services you do not see on our website, please contact us at any time.