Corpoate Structure

Australia Pty Ltd

Australia Private Company Registration ACN ASIC

Register Private Company in Australia as a Proprietary Limited (Pty Ltd) with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and issued with an Australian Company Number (ACN). The company may then obtain an Australian Business Number (ABN). 

Shareholders / Members

Australian Company Shareholder, Corporate or Personal

A minimum of one Shareholder is required for all Australian companies. Shareholders may be personal or corporate and may be residing / registered in Australian or overseas. Foreign ownership may result in additional auditing and reporting requirements.

Company Directors

Australia Company Directors private companies

Australian private companies require a minimum of one director, who must be a person (no corporate directors permitted). Although at least one director must reside in Australia, the company may have a foreign based director, or overseas board of directors.

Public Officer

Australian Public Officer ATO Compliance

Every Australian company is required to appoint a Public Officer once it commences trading or applies for an Australian Business Number (ABN) and Australian Tax File Number (TFN). The Public Officer must reside in Australia and is responsible primarily for taxation compliance

Company Secretary

Australian Company Secretary

An Australia company is not required to appoint a secretary, however if one is appointed, they must be a natural person who ordinarily resides in Australia. If not appointed, the company director will assume the role of secretary. During registration, most small private companies do not appoint or register a separate secretary. 

Registered Address

Australia Registered Address and Principal Place of Business

All Australian registered companies must have both a Registered Address, and a Principal Place of Business. Usually the same address would be used for both purposes. The Registered Address must be accessible to the public during normal State or Territory business hours. 

Australian Company Registration Fees

Our full Australian corporate services fee schedule is available upon request.

Legal Compliance Requirements

As Australia is a full-tax jurisdiction, proper consultation with an Australian Tax Accountant or Agent should be undertaken prior to registration of your Australia company. Ongoing taxation compliance is absolutely crucial for all businesses, and where a resident director is provided, we must have the full cooperation of all clients in relation to transparency of Bookkeeping, Business Activity Statements, and all forms of tax filing.   Certain businesses will require special licensing, and correct legal consolation should be undertaken prior to placing your order. 

References & Links:

ASIC - Australian Securities and Investments Commission

ATO - Australian Taxation Office

ABR - Australian Business Register